by Cord Prettyman
Master Personal Trainer


Bigfork, Montana 59911


By Appointment Only

Cord has been an invaluable reference for my patients needing personalized training as well as rehabilitation following injury. We have consulted on many cases over the years and he never fails to add a dimension to the healing process that I have always found most helpful. I will continue to refer to Cord for many years to come.

Dr. David K Powell

Owner/President , Powell Chiropractic, Inc.

Welcome to the Absolute Workout Fitness Studio’s website. I’m certified personal trainer Cord Prettyman and I appreciate you taking the time to check out my fitness facility and my credentials and training philosophy.

In 1997, my wife and I moved from southern California to beautiful Teller County and built our dream home nestled in the woods adjacent to the national forest in Woodland Park with breath taking views of the Tarryall Mountains and the Continental Divide. On the ground floor of the house with a private entrance is a 515 square foot Studio that I designed specifically for Baby Boomer one-on-one and couple personal training and post-rehabilitation.

This is a Studio like no other. It has a stunning setting in a unique home designed and decorated by my beautiful wife Lizzie, who you may know from her two showings on the area’s Holiday Home Tour. The atmosphere of both the house and the Studio is warm, inviting and friendly. There’s absolutely nothing to be intimidated about here.

The fitness facility contains cutting edge free-range-of-motion equipment selected for its effectiveness and safety. The Studio is private – you are the only one in the facility, while you’re working out – and your fitness program and our conversations are strictly confidential. Your exercise routine and what is discussed in the Studio is shared only with those you have given me permission to talk to, such as your doctor or physical therapist.

The only occasional intrusion into the studio is Lizzie, who wanders up and down the stairs from time to time on her way to the garage often sharing her two-cents about anything that might be on her mind. Actually, it’s become obvious to me that most of my clients prefer the distraction of Lizzie’s occasional appearance to the undivided attention of myself. Oh, well.

Hopefully, I’m getting the uniqueness of the Studio across. It’s relaxed, private, confidential, personal and unrelentingly friendly. I am conservative in my program design. I start by training you below your strength level so we can lay the foundation for safe and effective exercise programs and I am always soliciting your feedback and input as you go through your workout routines. I also pride myself in educating my clients in the principles of exercise so fitness can become part of the fabric of your life.

I am an enthusiastic advocate for my clients’ overall well-being and, when it comes to your health and fitness make no mistake, I will be your new best friend.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future for a free no-obligation 45-minute consultation. During our time together, you’ll get a chance to see the Studio and see if it’s an environment you’re comfortable in and meet me and see if you think I know what I’m talking about, when it comes to fitness.

Cord Prettyman, MPT