by Cord Prettyman
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The kids are back in school. Vacations and summer company are out of the way and, yet, you’re still not finding the time to get back into your exercise routine like you had promised you would once summer was over. It seems there is always something that gets between you and exercise.

Finding the time to exercise is a major piece of the fitness puzzle. It’s a challenge for millions of Americans who have cluttered their lives with professional and personal commitments to the point where their every day routine is a frenzy of minute details.

It’s easy to lose your way on how you spend your two most precious and irreplaceable commodities – your time and your health. Time management is life management and if you’re not managing your time, it’s unlikely you’re managing much else.

Let’s talk about how to fit regular exercise sessions into your busy life. Let’s talk time management.

The first thing to realize is that the time allotted for any task is always less than the time required to accomplish the project. Get real about how long it takes to do things and adjust the time you allow for tasks accordingly.

Next, find out where your time goes. If you want to make better use of your time, begin by learning exactly how you’re using it.

List all the activities that make up a typical day including some of the unscheduled interruptions and crisis management. Look for “time leaks” those recurring interruptions or unproductive habits and find ways to eliminate them.

Establish clearly defined goals dividing them into daily, professional and personal goals. Write them down and prioritize them.

Goal setting and planning go hand-in-hand. Convert your goals into actions by listing all the necessary steps to accomplish your goals putting yourself on a time schedule.

Next prioritize your activities. Some matters are urgent but relatively unimportant – like returning a phone call regarding your high school reunion. Others are highly important but not urgent – for example, starting work on a presentation you have to give next month. Then, there are those that are both important and urgent – such as, buying a present for your spouse’s birthday, which is tomorrow.

Keep interruptions of your planned day to a minimum and identify which interruptions are time wasters and which are not. Eliminate the time wasters.

Use a daily planner. It can be paper-based or an app. If you use it regularly, it will quickly become your most valuable tool in organizing and prioritizing your life. It will give your daily routine structure.

Now, schedule regular exercise appointments in your daily planner and don’t cancel them except for the most urgent of situations.

Finally, list those things that might derail your exercise routine and brainstorm solutions to those potential interruptions, so you have a plan in place to deal with them when they occur.

The secret to your future health is hidden in the management of your daily routine. Take control of your time and make regular exercise part of the fabric of your life.

Cord Prettyman is a certified Master Personal Trainer and owner of Absolute Workout Fitness and Post-Re-hab Studio in Woodland Park.  He can be reached at 687-7437, by email at cordprettyman@msn.comor through his website at