by Cord Prettyman
Master Personal Trainer


Bigfork, Montana 59911


By Appointment Only

Welcome to the Absolute Workout Website

Cord Prettyman and the Absolute Workout relocated to Bigfork, Montana on May 1, 2020, where Cord does In-Home Training in and around the Bigfork area. He also sees clients at the Montana Athletic Club in Bigfork.

In-Home Programs

Cord provides all the exercise equipment necessary for you to achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your home.

Client Specific Training is my Specialty

Your fitness program is designed specifically for you to meet your fitness goals. There are no generic exercise programs.

In-Home Equipment

Cord offers the latest in “cutting edge” in-home exercise and post-rehabilitation equipment.
I’ve consulted with Cord several times over the years on mutual clients/patients to help them achieve their goals in an optimal fashion.  Cord is always genuinely concerned about his clients as he takes a dedicated approach to their care.  If you ask Cord to be in charge of achieving your physical fitness goals, rest assured, you will be in extremely good and capable hands.
Matt Thessing PT, DPT

Owner, SERC Rehabilitation Center

Dedicated to safe and effective programs.

Cord is dedicated to designing safe and effective client specific fitness programs that address each client’s unique fitness goals and physical challenges. He prides himself in motivating his clients to implement their exercise routines as he educates them in the principles that guide a healthy lifestyle that will improve the quality of their life. Cord’s end goal for each client is that regular exercise becomes part of the fabric of their life.

Comprehensive in-home equipment.

The Absolute Workout offers an extensive array of in-home exercise equipment designed specifically for one-on-one In-Home personal training. Whether you are preparing for surgery, looking to do post-rehabilitation, battling an auto-immune disorder, suffering from chronic pain or orthopedic issues, desire to be more flexible, or just want to be able to play with the grandchildren, Cord will provide the necessary exercise equipment for you to reach your fitness goals.

Cord offers a free 45-minute in-home consultation.

It is important when choosing a personal trainer that he or she have nationally recognized certifications (please see resume), is experienced and is a person with whom you enjoy good rapport and feel you can trust with your health and fitness goals. I believe you will find Cord more than meets those criteria. Contact him today for a free no-obligation 45-minute consultation in the comfort of your home, where you can get to know him and see if you are comfortable with him and think he knows what he’s talking about. After the consultation, if both you and he agree that he’s the right trainer for you, he will figure out how to get you on the schedule.


“I have been working out with Cord for about a year and a half.  Two years ago I was so out of shape and exhausted all the time that I had to hire someone to pot my flower pots.  I just potted 40 flower pots and my husband could not believe my strength and stamina.  I am now  what Cord calls “functionally fit” and it feels great.  Thanks to Cord’s expertise I continue to get even more  fit and healthy!”

C.L., Woodland Park, CO

“I have struggled with CFIDS (chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome) since 1998. I accepted the fact I would never be physically active again. That changed when I meet Cord in 2004. I have now progressed to a level where I am doing age-appropriate workouts. Cord has changed my life! He can change yours too. Do it!”

B.S, Colorado Springs, CO

“Cord works with his clients to establish a program that helps attain each client’s objectives. He constantly teaches – proper form, reason for the exercise, etc. Results are measured and feedback is solicited. Safety is always primary. He is careful, thorough, and encouraging. He will make your life better!”

D.O., Woodland Park, CO

“When I came to Cord Prettyman’s studio twelve years ago as a stressed-out, out-of-shape former college athlete, my goal was simply to get my body whipped back in shape by a personal trainer. While that did happen, what Cord really provided for me were the tools to manage my time, my stress and my goals. For me, Cord’s title of “personal trainer” has transformed into “life coach”. He’s simply the best!”

K.B, Colorado Springs, CO

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous job you did in helping me achieve my goal of running the Pikes Peak Ascent in 3 hours and 32 minutes. Without your vast experience, expertise and ability to inspire and motivate, I believe my task would have been significantly more difficult. You are a true professional and I would not trade my experience for anything. You touch peoples’ lives in a positive way and that is a good thing.”

M.M., Woodland Park, CO

“Cord Prettyman at Absolute Workout has been my trainer for approximately six years. I began seeing him because I needed a workout program to use after my second hip replacement (third major surgery). Cord helped me slowly regain my strength and get to the point that I was working out every day. Since then, Cord has helped me recover from two more major back surgeries. While pushing me to improve, Cord has also been extremely patient in helping me gain strength gradually. He listens when I tell him an exercise is beginning to hurt, and often changes a program on the spot to meet my needs. At this point, I don’t know what I’d do without Cord, both as a trainer and a good friend.”

W.R., Woodland Park, CO

“Cord has been my personal trainer for many years. He is motivating and extremely knowledgeable. The program is tailored to my fitness goals and physical needs. He’s communicated with my doctor, provided rehab after surgery and injury, and organized detailed action plans for home follow-up. Best of all, Cord provides a challenging program in an atmosphere of encouragement, accountability, and ongoing support. He is absolutely the best!”

J.H., Colorado Springs, CO

“When I first came to Cord I was in pretty bad health. I knew it was going to be hard to regain what I had lost, but with Cord’s genius ability to create workout programs along with his guidance I actually began feeling better far sooner than I, or my doctor, thought possible. Cord not only helped me regain my health he also helped me achieve strength and muscle gains that I never thought possible by working out only 2 times a week for an hour each time no less. I’m going on 3 years now working with Cord and have to say I’d be very reluctant to consider changing course with any other trainer out there.”

A.J., Woodland Park, CO

“One month after I moved to Woodland Park in 1999 I began training with Cord. Over the years Cord has taught me the value of exercise. Each session is tailored to my needs and I am amazed at how many different exercises he has had me do! I was a “kid” of 55 when I started with Cord. Now that I am in my 70’s I appreciate him even more as he has kept me active at a time when many people are slowing down.”

P.O., Woodland Park, CO

“I have been working with Cord for over five years. He has the patience of “Job”. He supports and encourages without being judgmental or pressuring. Each client is treated individually with programs that meet their specific needs. I am still a “work in progress,” but with Cord’s assistance I will get there.”

L.H., Woodland Park, CO

“I have been working out with Cord for 12 years and I can honestly say that his knowledge and expertise in the fitness industry is above reproach. Cord works for his clients to help them achieve their ultimate fitness goals. He is a cheerleader, coach, and mentor and over the years has become a very dear friend. If you are looking for the best gym in the Pikes Peak region Absolute Workout is it!”

K.C., Woodland Park, CO